Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas x New Year's Eve 2013

Last overdued post from last year. Finally found some time to post up all my overdued post because it's e-learning week this week which means I do not have to attend lessons in school. Yay! So anyway, I had probably one of the best Christmas and New Year Eve last year. It was well-spent together with all my friends as well as my boyfriend's friends.

 photo IMG_3490_zpsd4487735.jpg  photo IMG_3489_zpsd5fd5b01.jpg  photo IMG_3488_zpsc4923d4f.jpg  photo IMG_3471_zps5f3e26fe.jpg  photo IMG_3522_zps0979ef44.jpg  photo IMG_3512_zps43ff82ed.jpg  photo IMG_3506_zps08318284.jpg  photo IMG_3505_zps9ba82cef.jpg  photo IMG_3503_zpsab4c7285.jpg  photo IMG_3502_zps23a7ec82.jpg Photobombing level to the maximum in these two pictures above. HAHAHA.

 photo IMG_3496_zpsf361917a.jpg  photo IMG_3492_zps3099acc7.jpg

 photo IMG_3670_zps0e1b7820.jpg
Steamboat at Evan's place on New Year's Eve.

 photo IMG_3683_zpsea11ab18.jpg  photo IMG_3684_zps5b4eb7a2.jpg  photo IMG_3671_zps55db7d1e.jpg  photo IMG_3685_zpsc9569bd5.jpg
Favourite sour plum shots.

 photo IMG_3688_zps3080c013.jpg  photo IMG_3689_zps8838d2ce.jpg  photo IMG_3691_zps39665b75.jpg  photo IMG_3699_zps30171d5e.jpg  photo IMG_3707_zpsd582655e.jpg  photo IMG_3709_zpsbafb63fe.jpg  photo IMG_3717_zpsace3840c.jpg  photo IMG_3718_zps9bca9bdc.jpg  photo IMG_3726_zpsfa2cacd3.jpg

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