Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013 x Gardens By The Bay

Another overdued post on how I spend my Christmas Eve last year going on a couple date together with my boyfriend's friend visiting Gardens By The Bay.

 photo SAM_0679_zps961201e8.jpg  photo SAM_0681_zpsb4442630.jpg  photo SAM_0682_zps9f0b381d.jpg  photo SAM_0685_zpsef0a237a.jpg  photo SAM_0686_zpse819fe54.jpg  photo SAM_0687_zps7a4a1602.jpg  photo SAM_0688_zpse3d5475f.jpg  photo SAM_0693_zps42e8eeb5.jpg  photo SAM_0694_zpsa3b5b3bd.jpg  photo SAM_0697_zps85c1700a.jpg  photo SAM_0699_zpsa33db0b3.jpg  photo SAM_0700_zpsb0d62413.jpg  photo SAM_0703_zpsb588c34d.jpg  photo SAM_0706_zpsf38dc63b.jpg  photo SAM_0710_zps7a7a67bf.jpg  photo SAM_0720_zps1a33030d.jpg
Favourite daisies.

 photo SAM_0725_zps4c5a0577.jpg  photo SAM_0727_zps65871552.jpg  photo SAM_0732_zpsd1ecace4.jpg  photo SAM_0733_zps2c18097d.jpg  photo SAM_0735_zps66983904.jpg  photo SAM_0736_zpscb5381fd.jpg  photo SAM_0738_zps8ee67f37.jpg  photo SAM_0741_zps5e8d0122.jpg  photo SAM_0745_zpsd4ca49c9.jpg  photo SAM_0748_zpse6866b35.jpg  photo SAM_0750_zps30ad93be.jpg  photo SAM_0751_zps40b1dae9.jpg

 photo SAM_0752_zpsa3106381.jpg  photo SAM_0753_zpsfc96b649.jpg
Just my boyfriend trying to be the "third party" and got pushed away in the end. LOLOL.

 photo SAM_0755_zps5ba6aa89.jpg
Finally my boyfriend's not in the picture.

 photo SAM_0762_zps5b6f953c.jpg  photo SAM_0764_zps8c4f08d8.jpg  photo SAM_0765_zps2ad024fb.jpg  photo SAM_0766_zps1952413c.jpg  photo SAM_0772_zpse20382c1.jpg  photo SAM_0774_zpsc0a21d94.jpg  photo SAM_0778_zps06938b46.jpg  photo SAM_0779_zps9b814b7a.jpg  photo SAM_0780_zpsc9da8f40.jpg  photo SAM_0787_zpscef65c8e.jpg  photo SAM_0789_zpsb003f533.jpg  photo SAM_0790_zpsd9f88f45.jpg  photo SAM_0794_zps6322a7a3.jpg  photo SAM_0797_zps19515857.jpg  photo SAM_0808_zps95446640.jpg  photo SAM_0814_zpsf42705c3.jpg  photo SAM_0815_zpsf50d8a39.jpg  photo SAM_0824_zpsf22f2caf.jpg  photo SAM_0838_zps61adc795.jpg  photo IMG_3429_zpseba81bc1.jpg

Gonna be drafting one more last overdued post which is how I spend my Christmas and New Year last year. Stay tune for the next update!

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