Thursday, January 21, 2016

2D1N In Taichung

In a blink of an eye, it has been more than a month since my trip to Taiwan and I got to admit that I love the country and would love to be back there again some day. While reminiscing my trip to Taipei, I thought I might as well do up a blog post about my trip and I would be starting off with my 2 days stay in Taichung.

 photo 4c343808-d55e-493c-a877-d763ab44de95_zpszqfbmpow.jpg  photo 6e245b72-3dce-4ee3-b5f9-8750e933e56c_zpsslwgqaot.jpg  photo 9314b37d-cad6-4bf8-b735-5e0503fa2936_zpsgkcueluy.jpg
Photos taken while waiting for the transit flight over at HK airport.

During our stay in Taichung we engaged a personal driver to take us on a day trip. Two places I enjoyed visiting the most would be the Lavender Cottage and Carton King.

Lavender Cottage:

 photo _MG_0015_zpsd5zmwvu8.jpg  photo _MG_0013_zps6movzu9u.jpg  photo _MG_0012_zpsyd6bk9tu.jpg  photo _MG_0010_zpsxsb1rlf4.jpg  photo _MG_0008_zpse9gyqq2a.jpg  photo _MG_0006_zps1vu6um2t.jpg  photo _MG_0004_zpse43j3i2s.jpg  photo _MG_0002_zpssfbdqdp5.jpg  photo _MG_0001_zpsftovlvyw.jpg  photo _MG_9999_zpswvdlotf2.jpg  photo _MG_9998_zps1wqft0fj.jpg  photo _MG_9996_zpsklcifclq.jpg  photo _MG_9995_zpswar4b7ga.jpg  photo _MG_9994_zpsxxqn9lkj.jpg  photo _MG_9992_zpsvnqwddoa.jpg  photo _MG_9991_zps82ul4tv8.jpg  photo _MG_9990_zpskchl2vry.jpg  photo _MG_9987_zpslvpi35z4.jpg  photo _MG_9986_zpsomjix3ik.jpg  photo _MG_9982_zpsrzlsktut.jpg  photo _MG_9981_zpswyc4s3sk.jpg  photo _MG_9975_zpsjcycrcam.jpg  photo _MG_9971_zpsnc7o6gm5.jpg  photo _MG_9970_zpsbgg9r6hl.jpg  photo _MG_9969_zpscadlyqoc.jpg  photo _MG_9968_zpsi0a57hlf.jpg  photo _MG_9967_zps40zr66qe.jpg  photo _MG_9965_zpsphraili2.jpg  photo _MG_9928_zpsb9wunls7.jpg  photo _MG_9910_zpsvwfeilie.jpg

Carton King:

 photo _MG_0062_zpse5mjf1xv.jpg  photo _MG_0060_zpsdf9cca8a.jpg
The honey ice-cream they sell here is awesome!

 photo _MG_0053_zpsmif6uxtw.jpg  photo _MG_0052_zpswgwk0vlf.jpg  photo _MG_0048_zps2ngzkn8k.jpg  photo _MG_0046_zpsh8cjgjb7.jpg  photo _MG_0031_zpstnlqza6q.jpg  photo _MG_0022_zpsgdwog2zd.jpg  photo _MG_0018_zpsna94jq9k.jpg

And that's the end of my post. I would be posting a blog post on my 6D5N stay in Taipei some time soon so please stay tune to this space. (:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

8D7N BKK Photo Diary (Taken with iPhone 5/6)

 photo IMG_3993_zps7lzr8xb9.jpg
 photo IMG_3994_zpsu51rwlvt.jpg
 photo IMG_4397_zpsiucc1uoi.jpg
Thankful for my two lovely girls who made the effort to be up early just to send us off at the airport.

 photo IMG_4398_zpstzio8ncl.jpg  photo IMG_4399_zpsz6qhyoil.jpg  photo IMG_4401_zpsvm5umxlb.jpg  photo IMG_4402_zps6qhr1v74.jpg
 photo IMG_4424_zps7vsl7qkw.jpg
Favourite drink in BKK.

 photo IMG_4426_zpsebh9rios.jpg
 photo IMG_4425_zpsyxx8qz6a.jpg
 photo IMG_4428_zpslvcyzdqm.jpg
 photo IMG_4427_zpstnut9udx.jpg
 photo IMG_4429_zpspidiolco.jpg
Probably a blessing in disguise that our apartment was infested with cockroaches and we got to stay at the penthouse on the 30th floor for 2 nights while the pest control dealt with the cockroaches in our apartment.

 photo IMG_4430_zps3vhhmzt8.jpg
Night view from our 30th floor penthouse.

 photo IMG_4436_zpstnepsoe2.jpg
Homemade breakfast overlooking Bangkok's morning view the next morning.   

 photo IMG_4456_zpsxebyfvfp.jpg  photo IMG_4459_zps2hrdoadp.jpg  photo IMG_4461_zpsuxqpctxx.jpg  photo IMG_4466_zpskz5wptaz.jpg
 photo IMG_4475_zpsbfzyzxsw.jpg
 photo IMG_4481_zps0n2ma8t8.jpg
 photo IMG_4477_zpsdyy7wg3x.jpg
 photo IMG_4479_zpsad6q3h3j.jpg
 photo IMG_5363_zpsd2onpjxf.jpg
 photo IMG_4524_zpsjunscmul.jpg
Overrated toast @ After You Dessert Cafe.

 photo IMG_4528_zpsalorgtvk.jpg
 photo IMG_4530_zpss8omdw5k.jpg
 photo IMG_4515_zpsekat3ugl.jpg
 photo IMG_4517_zpsk15iwf6u.jpg
 photo IMG_4514_zpsrqtbufqa.jpg
Virgin attempt trying worms.

  photo IMG_4523_zpsg37eifbe.jpg
 photo IMG_4551_zpsiqq4rofq.jpg
 photo IMG_4565_zpswwbmjft1.jpg
 photo IMG_4566_zps1k0a8tz6.jpg
 photo IMG_4567_zpsp0mksdzy.jpg
 photo IMG_4600_zpskc7usnaz.jpg
 photo IMG_4601_zpso5axtk2g.jpg
 photo IMG_4653_zpsvblmz8fh.jpg
 photo IMG_4658_zps10xuuy6r.jpg
 photo IMG_4661_zpswzwho50v.jpg
 photo IMG_4851_zps7omzfptk.jpg
 photo IMG_4853_zpsm5vicr3i.jpg
 photo IMG_5365_zpssldzx1my.jpg
 photo IMG_5366_zpsa8xf5sty.jpg
 photo IMG_4668_zpskdb9stpg.jpg
 photo IMG_4670_zpsglxsrqbv.jpg
 photo IMG_4671_zps6kzruvu2.jpg
 photo IMG_4672_zpskgxha4gn.jpg
 photo IMG_4675_zpsmq8x80kd.jpg
 photo IMG_4676_zpszlpa3iwb.jpg
 photo IMG_4677_zpsi5mxqi81.jpg
 photo IMG_4679_zpsl9f8f45b.jpg
 photo IMG_4680_zpsqqcfce1d.jpg
 photo IMG_4681_zps2xmavfrm.jpg
 photo IMG_4682_zpsemavxqic.jpg

 photo IMG_4707_zpsrksrcu4u.jpg
 photo IMG_4722_zpsgltnpt1s.jpg
 photo IMG_4723_zpsspxm4pmd.jpg
 photo IMG_4736_zpsphmbpyhi.jpg
 photo IMG_4738_zpstg0mnv8h.jpg
 photo IMG_4751_zps294i4vha.jpg
 photo IMG_4752_zpsjam8tzwg.jpg
 photo IMG_4753_zps6zenhama.jpg
 photo IMG_4754_zps6znw44e1.jpg
 photo IMG_4759_zpsn7dn8lrg.jpg
 photo IMG_4763_zpslcvhjvcv.jpg
 photo IMG_4764_zpspudok3oq.jpg
 photo IMG_4767_zpsx3nclrvw.jpg
 photo IMG_4953_zpsfemqwcf8.jpg
 photo IMG_4791_zpswi3zwobe.jpg
 photo IMG_4792_zpsm8qkszif.jpg
 photo IMG_4793_zpsvek3t7b1.jpg
 photo IMG_4794_zpsrmtpn35o.jpg
 photo IMG_4795_zpshuv1tzfi.jpg
 photo IMG_4798_zpsmjlqwuba.jpg
 photo IMG_4799_zpsnwbnjmhz.jpg
 photo IMG_4812_zpsqokgozmh.jpg
 photo IMG_4814_zpsyztivmql.jpg
 photo IMG_4815_zpsmytgv8c8.jpg
 photo IMG_4817_zpsopewuinc.jpg
 photo IMG_4884_zpsduajyocz.jpg
Suckish jap buffet.

 photo IMG_4892_zpsjrsdbj4p.jpg
 photo IMG_4902_zpsu2r2ustu.jpg