Sunday, January 26, 2014

Priscilla's 21st

Super throwback post which took event last December at my friend's 21st birthday celebration which took place at Fullerton Hotel. Looking back at the photos makes me can't wait to turn 21 (in 2 years time) because it feels like a cool thing organising your own 21st birthday celebration inviting all your friends over to share the joy of this once in a life time moment.

 photo SAM_0551_zps8bf1b544.jpg Photobooth area proudly set up by my boyfriend and I.

 photo SAM_0520_zpsddca44c4.jpg  photo SAM_0521_zps8bbebbe8.jpg  photo SAM_0522_zpscb5c88c1.jpg  photo SAM_0541_zpsf335647f.jpg Just fooling around in the super huge ass bathroom.

 photo SAM_0544_zpsc9a5fea9.jpg  photo SAM_0546_zpseddabbe1.jpg  photo SAM_0550_zps301df3c9.jpg photo SAM_0557_zps4fbbc9e2.jpg  photo SAM_0566_zps8f31ec9b.jpg  photo SAM_0569_zps3d55d05d.jpg  photo SAM_0606_zps23826383.jpg  photo SAM_0643_zps0f11d3ee.jpg  photo IMG_3341_zps1e4ac691.jpg  photo IMG_3344_zps5bc287a8.jpg  photo IMG_3345_zps064e978d.jpg  photo IMG_3405_zps5e7bb116.jpg
Ending this post with my favourite photo from that night. ^^

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