Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vernon's 19th Birthday

Hey all! I'm finally just one last step away from being done with my second year in poly. The last few weeks have been really hectic and tiring having to rush projects with such close deadlines and studying for tests as well. I'm finally able to relax a little because I've just submitted my last project yesterday and all I'm left with is my last test tomorrow. Since I have the free time now, I shall update this little space of mine with overdued photos. Photos were all taken sometime last month celebrating my secondary classmate, Vernon's 19th birthday. It was just a simple celebration over dinner. It was really great that all of us were able to come together as a whole on that day.

 photo SAM_0853_zpsd2ac2a82.jpg  photo SAM_0856_zps9fa469e2.jpg  photo SAM_0857_zpsc00d7a89.jpg  photo SAM_0863_zps810b2140.jpg  photo SAM_0874_zps50e66dab.jpg  photo SAM_0877_zps7ca5d2ce.jpg  photo SAM_0885_zps8f2c41b9.jpg  photo SAM_0888_zpsabe072d5.jpg  photo SAM_0890_zps47b55e6a.jpg  photo SAM_0909_zps477c5d9d.jpg  photo SAM_0912_zps0347d42a.jpg  photo SAM_0913_zps1032b3bc.jpg  photo SAM_0931_zps9e95aee6.jpg  photo SAM_0932_zpscbc986d3.jpg  photo SAM_0934_zps19341977.jpg  photo SAM_0939_zps7c833a66.jpg  photo SAM_0943_zpsa1ba1574.jpg  photo SAM_0945_zpsa875a5f1.jpg  photo SAM_0950_zps301e2b66.jpg  photo SAM_0951_zpsb1598169.jpg

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