Thursday, September 5, 2013


I had hell lots of fun on Tuesday night meeting up with my old pals before Raj gets enlisted into the army.

 photo IMG_6978_zps56bab84c.jpg
Spot the potential photobomber.

 photo IMG_6979_zps08872d5f.jpg  photo IMG_6983_zps4dc11ffd.jpg  photo IMG_6995_zps05e027f7.jpg  photo IMG_6996_zps0010e17b.jpg  photo IMG_7007_zps6ad47149.jpg  photo IMG_7010_zpsfccf840a.jpg  photo IMG_7013_zpsb9bea276.jpg
Settled down for some Marble Slab before heading home. It was my first time trying the ice-cream at Marble Slab. I would say that Salted Caramel is still my all time favourite.

 photo IMG_7022_zps15032a16.jpg  photo IMG_7060_zpsf128408c.jpg  photo IMG_7061_zps3139d696.jpg
This is just how crazy we get when we're hanging out together.

 photo IMG_7071_zps50483020.jpg
Free endorsement for Marble Slab? LOL.

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Happy enlistment my dear pal! You're probably one of the longest friend I've known since secondary one. Wishing you all the best embarking on your new journey. We'll all reunite again on your first book out. (:

The above video was taken under the situation where we were all unaware that we were being videoed. We all along thought that Raj was taking pictures of us and therefore we even posed nicely for the camera.

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