Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Charlie Angels

Finally updating this space again with some quality pictures. I haven't been bringing my camera out lately hence the lack of update here. But anyway, had a date with two of my charlie angels yesterday. It was a hell lot of fun without having to spend a single cent.

 photo IMG_1758_zpseaf30164.jpg  photo IMG_7130_526F672C_zps13267010.jpg  photo IMG_7129_526F672C_zpsd0f79582.jpg  photo IMG_7131_zpse5b7850d.jpg  photo IMG_7150_zps4e65f9a1.jpg  photo IMG_7141_zpsff2e24c4.jpg  photo IMG_7140_zpsb076f2e8.jpg  photo IMG_7144_zps5ae6fb8b.jpg  photo IMG_7157_zps57f584bb.jpg  photo IMG_7158_zps5220b941.jpg  photo IMG_7159_zps13f85c5e.jpg
This golden retriever was damn cute. He didn't dared to walk past us till his owner called for him and he only dared to walk along the side of the drain.

 photo IMG_7163_zps7a266d46.jpg  photo IMG_1759_zpse70bf406.jpg  photo IMG_7174_zps73ca8e6c.jpg  photo IMG_7187_zps3dd76fb3.jpg  photo IMG_7200_zps0726c773.jpg  photo IMG_7199_zpsa38d1d5f.jpg  photo IMG_7216_zpsdd4b317e.jpg  photo IMG_7211_zpsadd47a69.jpg  photo IMG_7212_zpsd1bd656a.jpg
Step models only. Hahaha.

 photo IMG_7224_zpsf447ec46.jpg  photo IMG_7247_zpsf4a5353a.jpg  photo IMG_7248_zps8ed086cf.jpg  photo IMG_7255_zps13e264a3.jpg  photo IMG_7260_zps3bbbd295.jpg

I would probably be neglecting this space again because school is gonna reopen next week. Damn! I'm so not prepared to go back to school. Till then xx

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