Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'm so lucky to be one for the lucky 3000 over fans who got the chance to attend Etude House's Pink Play Party in Singapore two days back. A very big thank you to my BFF Brenda for making everything possible. <3

 photo IMG_6802_zpsfc4932fb.jpg  photo IMG_6803_zpscf0745d7.jpg photo IMG_6804_zpsd9841a46.jpg
Just some toys we bought for Ontae but didn't got the chance to give them.

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I made a cute new friend on that day who happen to be my sister's classmate. Such a small world.

 photo IMG_6815_zpsc3468c13.jpg  photo IMG_6816_zps45fb01b9.jpg
Check out our cute matching headband. ^^

Finally the start of the concert after queuing for 8 good solid hours.  photo IMG_6818_zps25064560.jpg  photo IMG_6821_zps4562db71.jpg
And there! The guest appearance of Sulli from f(x). She's drop dead gorgeous and I just can't stop snapping pictures of her.

 photo IMG_6822_zpse8e5107e.jpg  photo IMG_6824_zpsa70a695b.jpg  photo IMG_6825_zpsa6ed5c50.jpg  photo IMG_6826_zpsfc5bacdc.jpg  photo IMG_6827_zpseb74b6d0.jpg
Special video from f(x)'s Krystal because she couldn't make it to Singapore.

 photo IMG_6829_zpsd1f25680.jpg
Sulli waving to ma camera. ^^

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These girls are really lucky to be able to receive their prize from the hands of Sulli and to take a picture together with her.

 photo IMG_6855_zpsd5ec410b.jpg  photo IMG_6843_zps3b5350ea.jpg
In case if you're wondering who is he, he's the Taiwanese famous Kelvin 老师 and he's demonstrating a Korean makeup look on stage on his beautiful model who doesn't even need any makeup.

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And then! It's finally time for the boys to perform!!!  photo IMG_6859_zpsf315b854.jpg  photo IMG_6863_zpse8eb72c4.jpg
I kinda like the effect of this photo. HEHE.

 photo IMG_6866_zps7ad0af20.jpg  photo IMG_6870_zps0fb6087d.jpg  photo IMG_6873_zps28804adc.jpg  photo IMG_6874_zpse2a4b71f.jpg
Special video from Minho because he couldn't make it due to his filming schedule.

 photo IMG_6879_zps33a45b4a.jpg  photo IMG_6880_zps4a91b90b.jpg  photo IMG_6882_zps5372f51f.jpg  photo IMG_6883_zpsc5dc9aa3.jpg  photo IMG_6884_zps5ecf6550.jpg  photo IMG_6885_zps5523645b.jpg  photo IMG_6886_zps763ea556.jpg  photo IMG_6887_zps19f20dd1.jpg  photo IMG_6891_zps53991f39.jpg  photo IMG_6901_zpsffc0e2d8.jpg  photo IMG_6904_zps2b8d117c.jpg  photo IMG_6906_zps0aeed88e.jpg  photo IMG_6911_zps938b92b8.jpg  photo IMG_6912_zps70188c96.jpg
Key looks as though he is kissing Sulli in this picture. HAHAHA.

 photo IMG_6915_zps38233106.jpg
Really lucky fans who got to receive their prize from the hands of SHINee.

 photo IMG_6917_zpsa3270b01.jpg

More pictures on their performance would be uploaded to my facebook at as I do not wish to flood this blog post with too many pictures. Meanwhile, I shall end off this post with a picture of my bias, Key waving goodbye.

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