Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Team Angry Bird

A rare Sunday where I actually woke up early and head to Marina Barrage for a picnic cum kite flying session last Sunday.

 photo IMG_6610_zps36494d51.jpg

Our angry bird kite soaring up the sky.  photo IMG_6611_zps9de00a41.jpg  photo IMG_6612_zps3eb8609b.jpg  photo IMG_6613_zpsec14a65c.jpg

Professional kite flyer is my boyfriend. HAHA.  photo IMG_6614_zpsab03fc8e.jpg  photo IMG_6615_zps4af0a2ca.jpg  photo IMG_6616_zpsd1186847.jpg

Figuring out how to fly a kite as it was my virgin experience.  photo IMG_6622_zps41c54e1c.jpg  photo IMG_6623_zpsc2dac98f.jpg  photo IMG_6624_zps13d3456f.jpg  photo IMG_6626_zps7d9f4209.jpg  photo IMG_6629_zps597728a4.jpg

Such a huge and cute doggy kite.  photo IMG_6630_zps827e932a.jpg

Probably the longest kite I've ever seen.  photo IMG_6632_zpsd6263ac3.jpg  photo IMG_6633_zpsbbc05181.jpg  photo IMG_6635_zpse5c23977.jpg  photo IMG_6644_zps22c15620.jpg  photo IMG_6649_zps772c315f.jpg  photo IMG_6651_zps2fa74a8b.jpg  photo IMG_6654_zps1b1acd99.jpg  photo IMG_6656_zps6b5dc0c5.jpg  photo IMG_6672_zps4f08e1d9.jpg  photo IMG_6680_zps70c42232.jpg  photo IMG_6683_zpsa98202db.jpg  photo IMG_6687_zps656ebe44.jpg

My boyfriend is so serious when it comes to flying the kite.  photo IMG_6688_zps75460c5a.jpg  photo IMG_6693_zps697744d9.jpg

Spotted this super chio dog at the Barrage.  photo IMG_6704_zpsdd53081e.jpg  photo IMG_6705_zps4a6ee36c.jpg  photo IMG_6721_zpsf0c09a79.jpg

Loving my angry bird kite. Hehe.  photo IMG_6723_zpsff88b179.jpg  photo IMG_6725_zps4e0ae299.jpg  photo IMG_6728_zpsfa1d783f.jpg  photo IMG_6729_zps1af6f464.jpg  photo IMG_6730_zps901add67.jpg  photo IMG_6732_zps36e54604.jpg  photo IMG_6734_zps057fd2bb.jpg  photo IMG_6740_zps061de24b.jpg  photo IMG_6745_zps25f8f894.jpg

Singapore is so beautiful in the night.  photo IMG_6753_zpsc6fce69b.jpg  photo IMG_6754_zpsddf1cab2.jpg  photo IMG_6757_zps966bf66b.jpg  photo IMG_6763_zpseb92edbe.jpg  photo IMG_6766_zpsc272475d.jpg  photo IMG_6771_zpsb6072d7e.jpg  photo IMG_6796_zpsb2214e80.jpg

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