Thursday, August 15, 2013

Photo diary

Finally back to this space to do a little update. After 17 intensive weeks in school dealing with projects after projects I'm finally able to take a breather. Today's update would just be all pictures taken over the period where I'm inactive on this space. So be prepared for a photo spam yea.

Jurong Bird Park with my boyfriend and his clique on some random Saturday:

 photo 577168_10151826289645839_1886672469_n_zpsdc5786f1.jpg  photo 536877_10151826289830839_481369915_n_zps3a9c1953.jpg  photo 539589_10151826291780839_3946178_n_zps9e3cd382.jpg  photo 971737_10151826289210839_978979081_n_zps42f35ffa.jpg  photo 1002303_10151826291915839_559016314_n_zps6e1fad8c.jpg  photo 602735_10151826291645839_1856368120_n_zpsc5716cfe.jpg

Virgin visit to Neverland.  photo IMG_0628_zps25ae0c18.jpg  photo IMG_0765_zps7cc7a413.jpg

A pretty glam candid taken by my boyfriend on the train.  photo IMG_0666_zps31f9a770.jpg

All time favourite. Raspberry Sorbet x Salted Caramel on Waffles  photo IMG_0686_zpsf4fd4154.jpg

Met my new hyper friend, Elaine.
 photo IMG_0695_zps67f77856.jpg  photo IMG_0696_zps9196c4c5.jpg

Think I look like some Thai girl in this picture. LOL.  photo IMG_0681_zps0b9227a4.jpg

And then it's National Day last Friday together with my boyfriend and his clique. All of us were either in red or white because we just love our country that much. #teamsingapore  photo IMG_0727_zps21917a6c.jpg  photo IMG_0728_zpse91e6de4.jpg  photo IMG_0731_zpsc21b73e6.jpg  photo IMG_0734_zps0e2825d6.jpg  photo IMG_0732_zps4fe1f29d.jpg  photo IMG_0729_zps1fb9694f.jpg  photo IMG_0733_zps09b11003.jpg  photo IMG_0735_zps00e609c2.jpg

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