Saturday, June 1, 2013


It was a long day packed with activities after activities together with my boyfriend and all his friends. We first caught "The Hangover Part III" at The Cathay. The movie was damn good and funny(especially the last part) it's a must to watch! Decided to settle down for dinner at Timbre after movie and I would say I wouldn't go back there the second time. Firstly in terms of food, it's not really nice and it's way overpriced. Secondly, I don't really like the environment as it is outdoors and super stuffy.

The thorn among the roses. Haha.  photo 946540_10151694290890839_1537929650_n_zps90911088.jpg  photo 968814_10151694290950839_1965875469_n_zps77a4ee9c.jpg

Before we left, we specially sabotaged the birthday boy upfront to perform Gangnam Style in-front of everyone dinning there. But too bad the birthday boy continuously refuses to perform. Hahaha.   photo 603041_10151694291870839_1707594539_n_zpsaf3c61c6.jpg

Group photo.
 photo 943104_10151694292240839_967990597_n_zps661681b4.jpg

Trying to all be funny but the photo turned out blurry.  photo 970005_10151694292400839_1081757983_n_zpsea3f24e1.jpg

And to end off the night, it was an impromptu decision to head down to Mink to party as well as to celebrate Jodie's 21st birthday.  photo 389203_424348924329776_1334373094_n_zps06b56fa6.jpg

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