Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's been a year

It's our first year anniversary in two days time and my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate it today as we would be busy with school/army in two days time. We just stick to a very simple celebration where we had lunch at Bangkok Jam and then visited Gardens By The Bay after lunch.

 photo IMG_6228_zpsd8d7edd8.jpg  photo IMG_6232_zpsb1c6e74b.jpg  photo IMG_6235_zps1c71c25a.jpg

 photo IMG_6236_zpsd62e0534.jpg

Thank you baby for the macaroons!  photo IMG_6243_zps96988726.jpg  photo IMG_6246_zpsdf8a684b.jpg  photo IMG_6248_zps3430a813.jpg  photo IMG_6254_zps29a6d7fc.jpg  photo IMG_6257_zps67b8be40.jpg  photo IMG_6260_zpsa63997f5.jpg  photo IMG_6264_zps9e0397dd.jpg  photo IMG_6267_zpsffcf5fde.jpg  photo IMG_6268_zps33c7b3de.jpg  photo IMG_6285_zpsf7e4da2f.jpg  photo IMG_6292_zps50dd72f3.jpg  photo IMG_6297_zps8acec768.jpg  photo IMG_6300_zpsd4bef48f.jpg  photo IMG_6304_zpsdb06534c.jpg  photo IMG_6312_zps7c957e6d.jpg  photo IMG_6316_zpsc4c7c3a6.jpg  photo IMG_6318_zps558b3b36.jpg  photo IMG_6328_zpsc02faa6b.jpg  photo IMG_6330_zpse04d4eb1.jpg  photo IMG_6339_zps27271cc4.jpg  photo IMG_6340_zps9ead7a65.jpg

We both look so happy in this picture.^.^  photo IMG_6345_zps60ebdb87.jpg  photo IMG_6347_zps14c5ec41.jpg  photo IMG_6349_zps2a146755.jpg  photo IMG_6350_zps6025e062.jpg  photo IMG_6356_zpsd1d0ab6e.jpg  photo IMG_6364_zpsf983c726.jpg

A handwritten card my boyfriend specially prepared in conjunction of our 1st year anniversary.  photo IMG_6367_zps01acc7fd.jpg  photo IMG_6368_zps6b88cb27.jpg  photo IMG_6370_zps618c0b1a.jpg  photo IMG_6372_zps9db65b3b.jpg  photo IMG_6382_zps8b5e9e56.jpg  photo IMG_6387_zps9c2ed212.jpg  photo IMG_6392_zpsfd19c7c1.jpg photo IMG_6393_zps391b282b.jpg  photo IMG_6394_zpsd136e2c5.jpg  photo IMG_6396_zps4cc50dfc.jpg  photo IMG_6399_zps11c2bf0b.jpg

Stayed till the night to catch the beautiful lightings at the OCBC Skyway.  photo IMG_6438_zps3deb082f.jpg  photo IMG_6412_zps5ed2f1eb.jpg  photo IMG_6416_zps1f870dd1.jpg  photo IMG_6417_zpsad878778.jpg

DTF for dinner with my boyfriend and his friends at the end of the day.
 photo IMG_6444_zpsafe3efe5.jpg  photo IMG_6445_zps2926284a.jpg  photo IMG_6446_zps0a9b287b.jpg

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