Thursday, April 11, 2013

Picnic By The Bay

This would probably be one of the last few posts I would be updating as school is gonna reopen the week after next and I doubt so I will have anything interesting to blog about nor the time to blog. So anyway, yesterday was a day spend with nature picnicking with Bren and PY.

 photo IMG_6191_zpsfb32005d.jpg  photo IMG_6192_zps0de9bc70.jpg  photo IMG_6194_zps75ab48c7.jpg  photo IMG_6195_zps2353a567.jpg  photo IMG_6211_zpsaf5e621d.jpg

Photos starting from here are all taken using Bren's phone.
 photo IMG_5717_zps2f81e51e.jpg  photo IMG_5719_zps8cf086b3.jpg  photo IMG_5721_zps79a4b940.jpg  photo IMG_5744_zps353f4c71.jpg  photo IMG_5723_zps8fc7c234.jpg  photo IMG_5724_zpsde5c9951.jpg  photo IMG_5725_zpsa9329a5b.jpg  photo IMG_5726_zpsfdb7296c.jpg  photo IMG_5727_zpsd603d0d0.jpg  photo IMG_5728_zps6f36f931.jpg  photo IMG_5729_zps0229b174.jpg  photo IMG_5730_zpsea2ae631.jpg  photo IMG_5731_zps56244ba7.jpg  photo IMG_5735_zps60ed08c4.jpg

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