Monday, April 8, 2013


My weekends was fun-filled. Probably haven't had that much fun in awhile. As this post title states, I visited Legoland and East Coast Park during the weekends. Let's start off with my trip to Legoland first. I visited Legoland together with my boyfriend and two of my friends. Woke up super early on that day in order to avoid the jam at the checkpoint.

 photo IMG_6101_zps2e7bef2e.jpg  photo IMG_6102_zpsfb2b3cf0.jpg  photo IMG_6103_zps6f0f1794.jpg  photo IMG_6104_zps59c3269a.jpg

Kids meal at one of the cafe at Legoland that taste kinda awful.  photo IMG_6107_zpsa0f9c60b.jpg  photo IMG_6108_zpsd17091a6.jpg  photo IMG_6109_zps2282132b.jpg  photo IMG_6113_zps6789cd87.jpg  photo IMG_6112_zpsde93093c.jpg  photo IMG_6114_zpsa1fa7837.jpg  photo IMG_6115_zpsdef0abce.jpg  photo IMG_6116_zps5f321888.jpg  photo IMG_6118_zpsd21d7d5e.jpg  photo IMG_6119_zps1f594970.jpg  photo IMG_6121_zps52209aad.jpg  photo IMG_6122_zpsa4d6bc4b.jpg  photo IMG_6123_zps76b46134.jpg  photo IMG_6124_zps629fcf26.jpg  photo IMG_6125_zpsf8b43a1d.jpg  photo IMG_6127_zpsffa24593.jpg  photo IMG_6129_zps32151ea7.jpg  photo IMG_6131_zpsaf6170a8.jpg  photo IMG_6132_zpsf2e23a8e.jpg  photo IMG_6134_zps94a69429.jpg  photo IMG_6136_zps9f95572a.jpg  photo IMG_6137_zpsa0dd0aaf.jpg  photo IMG_6138_zpsa969edbb.jpg  photo IMG_6139_zps00b3b2e6.jpg  photo IMG_6140_zps4498b52e.jpg

Just us trying to be funny.  photo IMG_6146_zps41538345.jpg  photo IMG_6147_zps5eb7aeda.jpg

My gay boyfriend carrying my bag pack. LOL.  photo IMG_6150_zps8f6d0853.jpg

Gay brothers?
 photo IMG_6154_zpsf36e0662.jpg  photo IMG_5701_zpsf09174a8.jpg

Didn't took any pictures of what we had for dinner as we were all too famished and can't wait to dig in.

Some snacks after dinner before we head back to Singapore.  photo IMG_6155_zps0038a67a.jpg  photo IMG_6156_zps73cea2e6.jpg  photo IMG_6157_zps209b927c.jpg

And here is a cute little unicorn my boyfriend won for me at Legoland.  photo IMG_5709_zps910a060a.jpg

Sunday was spend cycling at East Coast Park together with my girls. Haven't been cycling for a long time and I guess it's good to cycle as a form of exercise once in a while.

 photo IMG_6158_zps7a7a4d69.jpg  photo IMG_6159_zps42d6cdbe.jpg  photo IMG_6160_zps5d0f87fc.jpg  photo IMG_6161_zps02065d70.jpg  photo IMG_6168_zps4a61eabf.jpg  photo IMG_6169_zps03af2d3f.jpg

Not planned but the three of them happened to be carrying the same bag pack on that day.  photo IMG_6175_zps42124c7f.jpg  photo IMG_6176_zps13374c16.jpg

Just a candid of myself.
 photo IMG_6183_zps9f0adfef.jpg  photo IMG_6187_zps9d2b161d.jpg  photo IMG_6188_zps6bd9ca1a.jpg  photo IMG_6189_zps6298d56a.jpg

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