Thursday, April 4, 2013

Strictly Pancakes + The Host

As the title says, I had Strictly Pancakes for lunch and caught The Host after lunch together with PY yesterday.

 photo IMG_5626_zpsbd127919.jpg  photo IMG_6098_zps2e4d1ee5.jpg  photo IMG_6096_zps6bb70f8f.jpg  photo IMG_6093_zps8f2a89e1.jpg  photo IMG_6072_zpsb494643d.jpg  photo IMG_6066_zpsd3980b70.jpg  photo IMG_6063_zps907d9282.jpg  photo IMG_6062_zpsfed5c94c.jpg

Sorry, but I just had to spam.  photo IMG_5995_zps701fe0f5.jpg  photo IMG_6008_zps52d99485.jpg  photo IMG_6016_zps460c7385.jpg  photo IMG_6026_zpsf187edb0.jpg  photo IMG_6028_zpsf27a3c9d.jpg  photo IMG_6031_zps0fb42bfa.jpg  photo IMG_6035_zps40c6a36e.jpg

I looked extremely happy as if I had just strike the lottery in this picture.
 photo IMG_6039_zpsb3d11cdd.jpg  photo IMG_6081_zps05b78c88.jpg  photo IMG_6083_zpsdb90e118.jpg

Somehow the effect turned out different from the rest of the pictures for this particular picture.

 photo IMG_6084_zpsdead07c6.jpg

That's about it. Meanwhile, I can't wait for my legoland and cycling trip this weekend. Till then and stay tune for my updates!

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