Sunday, June 9, 2013


Spend my weekends over at Studio M Hotel together with my boyfriend and all my friends as a form of celebrating my 18th birthday.

 photo IMG_6424_zps8065b7dc.jpg  photo IMG_6426_zpsd087588c.jpg  photo IMG_6428_zpse6b7a252.jpg  photo IMG_6427_zps163437c0.jpg  photo IMG_6432_zps74facf48.jpg  photo IMG_6433_zpsf77fcd12.jpg  photo IMG_6435_zpse5b370eb.jpg  photo IMG_6438_zpsd91afa7d.jpg  photo IMG_6439_zpsd673d33b.jpg  photo IMG_6440_zps1547d5c5.jpg  photo IMG_6441_zps51557587.jpg

Thank you baby for the balloon!
 photo IMG_6445_zps886def92.jpg

And thank you all for the Pandora!  photo IMG_6454_zps920e0b26.jpg  photo IMG_6446_zps9bd25f03.jpg  photo IMG_6450_zpsc65ce651.jpg  photo IMG_6451_zps7cfe3ab7.jpg  photo IMG_6457_zps58fd835a.jpg  photo IMG_6460_zps4354f1ed.jpg

Late lunch/early dinner at RamenPlay, Chinatown Point.  photo IMG_6463_zpsd971cb09.jpg

Just a bunch of crazy people on the hotel bed.  photo IMG_6468_zps6478ad4d.jpg  photo IMG_6470_zps49630575.jpg  photo IMG_6477_zpscf08cb54.jpg

Center of attention.  photo IMG_6479_zps0f80cd82.jpg  photo IMG_6499_zps35e28099.jpg

So much love in this picture.
 photo IMG_6506_zpsf9a1be4b.jpg  photo IMG_6512_zpsab802774.jpg

All the photo-bombers. Haha.  photo IMG_6517_zps3da72db4.jpg  photo IMG_6519_zps24bb06b9.jpg  photo IMG_6522_zpsdacd9456.jpg

Ordered Pastamania delivery for supper.  photo IMG_6527_zps78adf1fe.jpg

No pictures taken after this because everyone started dozing off after a few rounds of game and it was time to check out and return home the next morning. I had a splendid birthday this year and thank you all for everything! ^.^ 

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