Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Finally met up with two of my dear girls today and despite how hazy it was outdoors, we still decided to snap some photos outdoor. Guess we are really a bunch of camwhores. Haha.

 photo IMG_6536_zps6254a30e.jpg  photo IMG_6538_zpsf2234282.jpg  photo IMG_6539_zps77f3a4d2.jpg  photo IMG_6542_zpsa4173442.jpg  photo IMG_6545_zps8f78833c.jpg  photo IMG_6557_zps5985b470.jpg  photo IMG_6575_zpsdfdfe323.jpg  photo IMG_6576_zps51675586.jpg  photo IMG_6579_zps638ec647.jpg  photo IMG_6580_zps5a587aaa.jpg  photo IMG_6581_zpsf9b3be8f.jpg  photo IMG_6587_zps057c71b6.jpg  photo IMG_6589_zpsc2e30a4f.jpg

Though we only met up for a couple of hours, there's always so much fun whenever I'm with the both of them.

Till then. xx

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