Thursday, March 7, 2013

Second time meeting Peiyi this week. ^.^

 photo IMG_5242_zps2332c91b.jpg  photo IMG_5243_zps1027862a.jpg  photo IMG_5247_zps1df122e7.jpg  photo IMG_5244_zpsab02aae0.jpg  photo IMG_5245_zpse5f4906e.jpg  photo IMG_5246_zps12e35e19.jpg

Ajisen for early dinner.(:  photo IMG_5236_zps0ad8c1b2.jpg

WARNING! Gonna end of this post with pictures of myself. Kindly leave this page if my face disgusts you.

 photo IMG_5249_zps7374c0fc.jpg  photo IMG_5250_zps7bee584f.jpg  photo IMG_5252_zps46516f7e.jpg  photo IMG_5239-1_zps4e7b6192.jpg

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