Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mommy's birthday + K Suites

Celebrated my mommy's birthday last saturday at one of the restaurant near our place. It was a wrong decision to dine at that particular restaurant because not only does the food taste awful, the price is freaking expensive!

 photo IMG_5717_zpsdb9a0fcd.jpg  photo IMG_5718_zps90201a4a.jpg  photo IMG_5720_zpsbb20e4ce.jpg  photo IMG_5722_zpsc5b5d743.jpg  photo IMG_5723_zpsff8fb628.jpg

Caught ABTM 2 for the second time with my family after dinner.  photo IMG_5143_zpsde95f9d6.jpg ________________________________________________________________

Belated birthday celebration for our two March babies today. Had lunch at a Japanese restaurant at Bugis Junction.

 photo IMG_5724_zpsa0955612.jpg  photo IMG_5728_zps3011f364.jpg  photo IMG_5725_zpsa608e8e2.jpg  photo IMG_5730_zpsf75f0916.jpg  photo IMG_5731_zpsa0196eaf.jpg  photo IMG_5732_zpsd9b48c24.jpg

Brought my camera out but ended up taking all photos using my iPhone 5 in K Suites.

 photo IMG_5172_zps1fab18e7.jpg  photo IMG_5174_zpsa15abc07.jpg  photo IMG_5175-1_zps468812f0.jpg  photo IMG_5177-1_zpsa4e8a98e.jpg  photo IMG_5183-1_zps4a2b7577.jpg  photo IMG_5206_zps5dddccdb.jpg  photo IMG_5207_zpseaa519c9.jpg  photo IMG_5213_zps8edb601a.jpg  photo IMG_5214_zps63b078c1.jpg  photo IMG_5215_zps24a47959.jpg  photo IMG_5216-1_zpsd831caa7.jpg  photo IMG_5217_zps7f0212b8.jpg

Today's OOTD.
 photo IMG_5219_zps5d723323.jpg  photo IMG_5221_zpsbccabc41.jpg  photo IMG_5205_zps21ef9af9.jpg

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