Monday, March 18, 2013

GEM #8

Just last friday night, i headed back to school to support my best friend, Brenda for her dance performance. It was a very well put up performance and I'm really so proud of Brenda for putting up such a great performance. ^.^

 photo IMG_5320_zpse7c1c10a.jpg

So anyway, I headed back to school together with Peiyi. (:  photo IMG_5323_zps090c02dc.jpg  photo IMG_5324-1_zps26f5e5f2.jpg  photo IMG_5745_zps5e97d04e.jpg  photo IMG_5763_zps0c4734de.jpg  photo IMG_5775_zps4a5aadee.jpg  photo IMG_5779_zps9a28715a.jpg  photo IMG_5784_zps1b0ba3a6.jpg  photo IMG_5786_zps5122e794.jpg  photo IMG_5787_zps30e7fe2b.jpg  photo IMG_5790_zps0aec02b2.jpg  photo IMG_5792_zpsff410a47.jpg  photo IMG_5795_zps9a9a1f21.jpg  photo IMG_5796_zpsc7b9e8fd.jpg  photo IMG_5799_zpsca28068c.jpg  photo IMG_5801_zps4b02a6ec.jpg  photo IMG_5806_zps10debda4.jpg  photo IMG_5808_zps4138903c.jpg  photo IMG_5811_zpsb6fe1a63.jpg  photo IMG_5814_zpsda663c4c.jpg

And there! It's finally my idol's turn to perform!  photo IMG_5815_zps0ce47df2.jpg  photo IMG_5816_zps6d7b2b60.jpg  photo IMG_5818_zps26ca6a9f.jpg  photo IMG_5821_zps006d5ba2.jpg  photo IMG_5828_zpsd4713004.jpg  photo IMG_5834_zps7d1fc4d5.jpg  photo IMG_5844_zps46cca903.jpg  photo IMG_8275_zps30158e3d.jpg

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