Thursday, January 24, 2013

My love's 19th.

Finally almost done with all my projects and am able to find time to update this space of mine. Last Saturday, i celebrated my boyfriend's 19th birthday at S.E.A Aquarium, Resort World, Sentosa.

 photo IMG_5608_zpsdeb02181.jpg  photo IMG_5609_zps16e88ae3.jpg  photo IMG_5612_zps85d090bd.jpg  photo IMG_5613_zpsaf96c4fa.jpg  photo IMG_5614_zpsfcd96473.jpg  photo IMG_5615_zpsd55d65a7.jpg  photo IMG_5618_zpsf32083e3.jpg
A super dark picture of myself without flash because I hate taking pictures with flash.

 photo IMG_5619_zpsea681fdb.jpg  photo IMG_5621_zps0fe2913e.jpg
My boyfriend's two other friends who tagged along with us.

 photo IMG_5628_zps6d5dca33.jpg
Such a cute stingray.

 photo IMG_5629_zps5a88a93a.jpg
Such weird looking fishes.

 photo IMG_5630_zps2260b1aa.jpg
Have no idea what breed of fish is this but it's cool.

 photo IMG_5633_zpsfdae59b8.jpg
Sperms? LOL.

 photo IMG_5637_zpsfc2aa87e.jpg
Another super dark picture of myself but I love the background.

 photo IMG_5642_zpsfb45cdea.jpg  photo IMG_5646_zps6953a2a0.jpg  photo IMG_5647_zps1e5fd4d0.jpg  photo IMG_5651_zpse4a486a5.jpg  photo IMG_5652_zpse24a686e.jpg  photo IMG_5654_zpsfec23c94.jpg  photo IMG_5655_zps2883f697.jpg
They actually allow us to touch the starfish and this was my first time ever touching a starfish.

 photo IMG_5656_zps82727eab.jpg
Because fishing on the boat is too mainstream.

 photo IMG_5657_zpsa6902252.jpg  photo IMG_5658_zpsed390f81.jpg  photo IMG_5659_zpse7c9b3fd.jpg  photo IMG_5660_zps5d070dc2.jpg
Two grown ups acting like kids. HAHA.

 photo IMG_5661_zps7dfefffa.jpg  photo IMG_5662_zps2e2a810d.jpg  photo IMG_5664_zps3e1717ce.jpg  photo IMG_5665_zps5800ef2f.jpg  photo IMG_5666_zps5f6129a2.jpg  photo IMG_5667_zps1c2b9fba.jpg  photo IMG_5668_zpse69e7b49.jpg  photo IMG_5669_zps6e77a994.jpg  photo IMG_5670_zps908d5179.jpg  photo IMG_5671_zps7548eed2.jpg  photo IMG_5672_zpsc399b67c.jpg
Beautiful and colourful jellyfishes.

 photo IMG_5673_zps05a10016.jpg  photo IMG_5674_zpsacd4638d.jpg  photo IMG_5675_zps13832a3e.jpg  photo IMG_5682_zps6010bc6f.jpg  photo IMG_5683_zpsbe75e82d.jpg  photo IMG_5684_zpsdc37e0dc.jpg
Such a huge starfish.

 photo IMG_5685_zps6756d7a3.jpg  photo IMG_5688_zpsb67a1273.jpg
Are you able to spot Nemo?

 photo IMG_5689_zps86b5eea7.jpg  photo IMG_5690_zps05ff03a7.jpg  photo IMG_5691_zps068778bd.jpg  photo IMG_5695_zpsa3cc00a9.jpg  photo IMG_5696_zps2b8ccca2.jpg  photo IMG_5699_zps8f59ef90.jpg
Could this be an underwater snake?

 photo IMG_4629-1_zpsdb662cc8.jpg
Surprised my boyfriend with a cake that looked rather cheapskate (because that was the nicest cake we could find at 2am in the morning).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST! ♥ This may not be the most perfect birthday celebration but I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did.

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