Monday, January 9, 2012

Born To Be A Failure

Thinking back. When have i really made my parents proud. Let's start w the day i got back my PSLE results. My parents didn't ask for much only hoping that i would get at least a 210 and above. At least i would have more choices of better secondary schs to choose from. However, i disappointed them. I only managed to secure a 203 for my PSLE and ended up in an ordinary neighborhood sch which i wouldn't consider having a good reputation. Then again when i was in secondary three. My attitude towards studies totally changed. I began to lose interest in studying and have been failing throughout the year. To the extend that i nearly got retained. Again, i made my parents disappointed in me. And now, when they're hoping that i would change for the better and do well in secondary four, i didn't really changed. My attitude towards studies was still the same. Maybe better in the sense that i managed barely a pass for certain subjects. Then comes the most important day of my life(so far). The day that determines my future(which is today), the release of my GCE O LEVELS results. My parents pin so much hope on me thinking i would at least managed a 16 and below. I failed. I fair badly. But thank god i still managed to get into poly and i managed to secure a pass for my english.

Dear mom & dad, i fail as a daughter. I've nvr made the both of you proud of having a me as your daughter. But i swear i really did tried my best for both my maths and science. I was hoping to get at least a B3 but i ended up w only a B4. I've put your effort and money to waste. The thousands of dollars that the both of you have spend on my tuition fees(which is many times higher than the rate of a private tuition) hoping to exchange a good grades for myself turned out to be a complete waste. Mom & dad, i'm sorry for letting the both of you down again and again. May this be a valuable lesson for me and i promise i will strive in poly and do the both of you proud.

Thanks for bringing me up and giving me the best. I will do you proud one day. You have my words.

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