Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hey all! I'm back with another post. So I decided to give Zoukout a shot this year since I've always been seeing people raving about how awesome Zoukout is every year. My verdict, beach party is probably not my kind of thing or probably because I wasn't in my "best" condition that night. I didn't make it to first light because by 4am I was already shag to the max. But nonetheless, it's always awesome with great company around. (:

 photo unnamed1_zpsfb2a6bae.jpg  photo unnamed12_zps0b34e034.jpg  photo unnamed13_zpsa525efb9.jpg  photo unnamed11_zps4514f53f.jpg  photo unnamed8_zps1f271513.jpg  photo unnamed10_zpse9cd3025.jpg  photo unnamed9_zps8bab5ef5.jpg  photo unnamed_zps70dd7dfb.jpg  photo unnamed7_zps8e0a798e.jpg  photo unnamed2_zps29f7fff3.jpg  photo unnamed5_zps1baff306.jpg  photo unnamed4_zpsf9b8d35b.jpg  photo unnamed3_zps7febe04d.jpg  photo unnamed6_zps5db7d44b.jpg

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