Monday, December 15, 2014

Back In Action

So I'm finally back with a proper post. After close to 2 months, I finally managed to meet up with two of my best friends, Brenda & Lynn three days back.

 photo unnamed19_zpseb30ef24.jpg
Shared this pretty awesome pizza for lunch @ Assembly Ground located at The Cathay.

 photo unnamed7_zpsf964bbb0.jpg  photo unnamed2_zps6365c05d.jpg  photo unnamed1_zpsfc135088.jpg  photo unnamed4_zps7f38ac06.jpg  photo unnamed5_zps213e77ef.jpg  photo unnamed6_zps0cf1e1cb.jpg  photo unnamed3_zpsf557ba65.jpg

 photo unnamed_zps3132ac49.jpg
It's always a great day with the both of them around. ♥

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