Wednesday, October 8, 2014

4D3N Phuket Trip

It's been two weeks since I came back from my Phuket trip and I'm missing every single moment of it even up till now. :(

Day 1:  Jetstar > Baanlaimai Resort > Muay Thai 

 photo IMG_1049_zpsf22c5f8f.jpg
 photo IMG_1053_zps7cccbf7d.jpg  photo IMG_1054_zps6604ee87.jpg  photo IMG_1055_zps3d0c0865.jpg  photo IMG_1057_zps4e4731a2.jpg  photo IMG_1064_zpsffb3d7b6.jpg  photo IMG_1080_zps4bc04e41.jpg  photo IMG_1088_zps6333f226.jpg  photo IMG_1098_zpsa0cba062.jpg  photo IMG_1101_zpsdfacd0f5.jpg  photo IMG_1283_zps4c80210c.jpg  photo IMG_1282_zpsdf63b9e3.jpg  photo IMG_1280_zps50791410.jpg  photo IMG_1281_zps9fc8e148.jpg  photo IMG_1126_zps8a9abf79.jpg  photo IMG_1127_zps4c44e243.jpg  photo IMG_1125_zps663d1119.jpg

Day 2: Island Tour/ snorkeling > Poolside Bar > Tutu ride to dinner

 photo IMG_1132_zps824dd9dd.jpg  photo IMG_1136_zps4be4d42f.jpg  photo IMG_1138_zpsa9534e18.jpg  photo IMG_1139_zps2344ae2f.jpg  photo IMG_1140_zpsc8a300b8.jpg  photo IMG_1142_zpsa0c34d47.jpg
 photo IMG_1169_zpse852955e.jpg  photo IMG_1278_zpse96069b5.jpg

Day 3: Jet Ski > Elephant Trekking > ATV > Tiger Bar

 photo IMG_1185_zpsbf9d6db5.jpg  photo IMG_1217_zps29732339.jpg  photo IMG_1198_zpsb4b46ea9.jpg  photo IMG_1199_zpsed4a8d03.jpg  photo IMG_1193_zps016a5078.jpg  photo IMG_1190_zps9d63ed40.jpg  photo IMG_1209_zps6b3d8b57.jpg  photo IMG_1211_zps78e639e4.jpg  photo IMG_1245_zps0926ff76.jpg  photo IMG_1197_zps9c7700d9.jpg

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